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Before making any commitment to operational changes or energy efficiency projects for your organization, you have to know how and where it currently uses energy and creates operational or financial waste. 

What are the biggest energy draws? Are there opportunities in these areas to scale back energy use? What behaviors, perceptions or mis-guided business logic makes up the majority of your energy use and wasted capital? It is also important to take note of which ones offer the lowest-cost options to capturing savings. 

In many cases you will find that existing logic, or "business-as-usual", causes most of the inefficiency in your organization, and that education on smarter energy strategies and your overall initiative can bring significant savings at a little to no cost.

In the assessment phase we will audit the:
1.) Built Environment, such as lighting, HVAC, and plug loads.
2.) Social Environment, such as programs and policies, goals, education. and behaviors
3.) Financial Environment, such as the potential for returns on investment as compared to other capital investments